Mother’s Day Promotions Can Cause Pain to those Impacted by Pregnancy and Reproductive Loss

SAN DIEGO (April 27, 2022) – The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care and Life Perspectives®, the global leaders in reproductive grief care standards, research and resources, today asked businesses across the U.S. to thoughtfully consider their Mother’s Day promotions.

“Two million people are impacted by pregnancy and reproductive loss in the U.S. every year,” explained Dr. Michaelene Fredenburg, President and CEO of the Institute of Reproductive Grief Care and Life Perspectives. “Mother’s Day is a ‘trigger holiday’ for those impacted and these promotions can cause a great deal of unintentional pain.”

Businesses Can Show Support for Those Impacted!

“Everyone knows someone who has experienced pregnancy or reproductive loss,” added Fredenburg. Fredenburg suggests three different ways that businesses can be respectful of these kinds of losses.

  1. Consider offering a one-time, opt-out option for Mother’s Day promotional emails. “This small, extra step shows a kindness and consideration that all of your customers will appreciate – whether or not they’re directly impacted,” said Fredenburg. “Additionally, these steps offer you the opportunity for an extra touchpoint with your customer that could strengthen your relationship with them.”
  2. Along with their traditional Mother’s Days products, businesses can offer alternative purchasing options for those impacted by reproductive loss, ideally items featuring the “Forget Me Not” flower.

“The ‘Forget Me Not’ flower assures those impacted that we are remembering them, and remembering their children with them,” added Fredenburg.

Examples include sympathy cards or jewelry specifically designed for pregnancy and reproductive loss. Items like these are available through the Institute, with details below. All proceeds go directly to helping those impacted.

  1. Another easy alternative is to share the hashtag #ForgetMeNot2022 on social media, and suggest to your customers that they share this hashtag also. #ForgetMeNot2022 offers the opportunity for those impacted to share their story on social media, or for anyone to simply show their support for those impacted, and respect for their grief during a “trigger holiday” like Mother’s Day.

Pregnancy Loss and Reproductive Loss in the U.S.

One in every four pregnancies in the U.S. ends in miscarriage. And this is only one kind of reproductive loss. Others include stillbirth, infertility and early infant loss.

Culturally, we offer very little support for people who grieve after these many kinds of reproductive losses. Women’s grief is downplayed, men’s grief is ignored. Businesses who add this one small step to their promotions can provide comfort to those impacted.

“It is a powerful way to show those impacted that their grief is valid and respected,” explained Fredenburg.

The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care and Life Perspectives offers the “Forget Me Not” Signature Collection of memorial and remembrance items, all designed to support those impacted by pregnancy and reproductive loss. This collection includes jewelry, like pins and bracelets, along with sympathy cards, and “comfort boxes,” all featuring the “Forget Me Not” flower. These items are also available at the Institute’s new store .


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Additionally, we offer healing resources directly to those who are impacted, including our “Forget Me Not Signature Collection” of sympathy cards, jewelry and comfort boxes, all featuring the “Forget Me Not” flower as a symbol of remembrance of respect for those impacted and their lost children. These are available for sale at the Institute’s store . All proceeds go directly to helping those impacted.

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