Memorializing the loss of a child can be a powerful part of the healing process. Many find that cherishing the memory of their child in meaningful ways can build a lasting connection to help with grieving and healing. To help in the healing process, we have created a memorial space within our Institute.

In our memorial area, there is an interior waterfall to offer a quiet place of reflection and hope. Surrounding the waterfall is a memorial wall flocked with butterflies. Each butterfly reflects the memory of a child and honor families and loved ones impacted by reproductive loss.

You can adopt a butterfly! These white ceramic butterflies are available for a suggested donation of $50. They offer loved ones the opportunity to have a name, date, or other memory written on the wings before being hung on our memorial wall.

The golden butterflies memorialize and represent the children and honor families impacted by reproductive loss whom we have not yet touched. These are not available for personalization. As news of our Institute grows, we expect the flock of butterflies to extend beyond the memorial area through our hallway.

If you’d like information on your own butterfly memorial, please email us at