One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage – and that is just one type of reproductive loss! 2.4 million fetal and neonatal deaths occur in the perinatal period – 4 times more than the annual number of deaths from cancer! These numbers don’t include infertility, which carries its own repeated, emotional pain.

Unfortunately, grief after this kind of loss is downplayed, even ignored, in our culture. Yet 60% of bereaved parents experience depression, anxiety and PTSD

You can make a difference! You can bring comfort and hope to those touched by this loss, by assuring them that they are not alone and that their children will not be forgotten. Your donation will help those who suffer after reproductive loss, by helping us educate healthcare professionals and share healing resources.


  • 6,380 healthcare professionals educated to offer reproductive grief care – a 150% increase this year alone! On average, they see 2,300 patients in their career, so this is a huge ripple effect!
  • 25% increase in healing resources shared, in one year alone!
  • 600,000 visits to our healing websites!

You have brought comfort and healing to countless individuals. We know from messages of hope like these:

“Thank you for creating this opportunity to share thoughts with people who have gone through similar experiences.”

“It’s been almost 7 years, and I am still processing those difficult feelings. But it brings me peace and comfort to move on.”

“I really do feel peace in my heart now.”

On behalf of the millions of people who all too often struggle silently and alone after pregnancy loss, I want to express my thankfulness for your support of the Institute of Reproductive Grief Care. You may not even realize how many people you are helping!

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