Your $300 donation can help 4,600 people through the

emotional pain of reproductive loss!

About the Symposium

We’re pleased and excited to host our annual Symposium in March! This important event provides critical information to healthcare professionals on ways to help patients and clients who struggle emotionally after losses like miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infertility, neonatal loss or early infant death.

Many healthcare providers and students would love to attend this event, but their budgets don’t allow them. This is where you can help!

Scholarship Fund

Your donation of $300 will sponsor a scholarship for one healthcare professional to join us at our Symposium. And because they see an average of 2,300 patients in their careers, your $300 donation can forever change the care provided to 2,300 patients and their partners – helping as many as 4,600 people! This number doesn’t even include loved ones and extended family!

Last year, we raised $16,500 in scholarship donations, which allowed 55 nurses, social workers, mental health professionals and students to attend this important event! 

This year we want to do more!

With your help, let’s raise $20,000 and send 66 healthcare professionals and students to the 2024 Symposium!



One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage –
and this is just one type of pregnancy and reproductive loss.

There are over 900,000
every year in the U.S.

2.4 million fetal and neonatal deaths
occur in the perinatal period in the U.S. alone – 4 times more than the annual
number of deaths from cancer!

And each of these losses impacts the
couple, their family members and friends.

These numbers are staggering, and they
don’t even include infertility, which carries its own repeated, emotional pain.


Unfortunately, grief after this kind
of loss is downplayed, even ignored, in our culture. Yet 60% of bereaved
parents experience depression, anxiety and PTSD


You can make a difference! Your donation
will help those who suffer after reproductive loss, by helping us educate
healthcare professionals and share healing resources.




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