Outreach Cards to Share: Our Healing Websites

Healing Resources to Share with Others

Studies show that patients and clients don’t retain much of the information that they hear during appointments. Emotionally charged appointments likely make retention even lower.

Want to refer your patients and clients to our healing websites in a way that they’ll retain? We’ve created these outreach cards to help. Patients, clients, or loved ones can take these cards and refer to them later when they have the emotional space to process their experience.  Print these cards and leave them on your reception desk, doctor’s office, or include them in your patient information packets.

These cards are free for everyone! To create a quality outreach card, we recommend printing them on the heaviest paper or card stock that works in your printer, and then cutting them with a paper cutter.

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Outreach Cards

MiscarriageHurts.org cards

PerdidadelEmbarazo.org cards (MiscarriageHurts.org in Spanish)

YourAbortionExperience.org cards

SuExperienciaDeAborto.org cards (YourAbortionExperience.org in Spanish)