Research Reveals

“Research Reveals” Guest Lecture Series

“Research Reveals” is the Institute’s quarterly guest lecture series that highlights groundbreaking and new research related to reproductive grief care. 

The Institute invites researchers to a live one-hour event, where they discuss their research, methodology and results, and how it impacts the health and healthcare of those affected by reproductive grief. “Research Reveals” events are virtual and all are welcome to attend. Recordings of prior “Research Reveals” events are also available.

Research featured in “Research Reveals” is often used as a basis for creating the Institute’s accredited, evidence-based educational courses on reproductive grief care for healthcare professionals. 

You can watch recordings of all of our “Research Reveals” events anytime! They are available in our course catalog.

Next Research Reveals: March 24, 2023 “Research Reveals Reunion.” Researchers return to the Institute to follow up on the impact of their research and their thoughts on the impact of their “Research Reveals” events. This event is part of our historic, first Symposium. “Research Reveals” attendance is included within Symposium attendance, or can be attended separately. This “Research Reveals” event is available in person and virtually. See our special Symposium site for details.

Researchers interested in becoming guests on “Research Reveals” canĀ contact the InstituteĀ directly.